Nearing the end of Cabinet of Curiosities season 1 leads us to the second to last episode, The Viewing. Directed by Panos Cosmatos, this story follows a wealthy recluse who hosts four guests at his mansion for a special viewing. However, does this viewing captivate or fall short of expectations? Let's discuss.

This episode stars Peter Weller, Steve Agee, Eric Andre and others, while being written by Panos Cosmatos, Aaron Stewart-Ahn, and Guillermo del Torro. Unfortunately, the writing in this episode is horrendous along with the acting. Each of the actors in this episode feel as though they're going through the paces, rather than attempting to breath life into their characters. This is one of the first episodes where I felt that not only the writing, but the acting was subpar as well. 

If the writing was horrendous and the acting was awful, does an interesting premise at least shine through? No, no it does not. The premise centers around each of the guests waiting for a special viewing with the host. Unfortunately, the host decides that doing a bunch of drugs for 90% of the episode was the best course of action. This sounds potentially entertaining, but ends up feeling like a Dollar Store version of Pulp Fiction, ultimately being sleep inducing. Worse yet, the actual viewing that occurs in the final 10% of the episode also falls flat. That said, two good things I'll say about this episode is at least it's shot well and the soundtrack is solid.

Overall, this episode represented a major problem with Cabinet of Curiosities, quality control. With other popular anthology series like Black Mirror, Electric Dreams, and the Twilight Zone, you always got at least a solid episode. If you reach into the cabinet of so called curiosities, you better wear gloves, as you may pull out something repulsive like The Viewing. For more Cabinet of Curiosities reviews, click here.


Rating: 4/10




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