Cabinet of Curiosities episode 6 brings us to Dreams in the Witch House, a bit more of a magical horror themed episode that is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft. This episode deals with loss, witchcraft and oddly enough contains an actor we all may be familiar with. However, does the combination mean it's a good episode? Let's discuss!

    The story is centered around twins, one of which dies at an early age, resulting in their brother longing for her return. As he ages, he becomes a researcher who decides to utilize a special drug to dive into a dark and mysterious realm to bring her back. This episode is headlined by the inclusion of Rupert Grint, best known for his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. With Rupert at the helm, the episode ended up having solid acting, but unfortunately just ok writing. The story had me interested initially, but there was a key issue that kept me quite distracted throughout the episode. 

    That key issue was the cinematography and effects, both of which are sloppy. The cinematography reminded me of a cheesy horror flick and the special effects look no better than some freshman college projects I've seen. It's all unrefined, painfully small scale, and results in the whole episode feeling cheap. One thing I'll say about special effects is this, if you can't make it look believable, don't try it. Our tolerance for bad special effects is at an all time low these days and so when I can see your 2D background that exposes your set to be tiny, change the angle or the idea. Due to the sloppy cinematography and effects, the episode ended up reminding me of a theater presentation, but without the charm.
    Overall, this is unfortunately another part of the series that I'd skip, unless you really like Rupert Grint or appreciate cheesy special effects. It's has an ok premise, but the acting wasn't great enough to hold up the poor presentation that was often times distracting. It just ends up as another episode that if done differently, could have resulted in a higher rating and possibly a recommendation, another piece of a mixed puzzle that is Cabinet of Curiosities. If you want to read more Cabinet of Curiosities reviews, click here!

Rating: 5/10



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