Hey, it's 2023 and this is the first tidbit, what gives? In short, the holidays happened, then a family emergency resulted in my brain being completely occupied while also having to fly out of state. All is good now, but it was looking grim for a while. TLDR, fuck cancer. 

As I write this I'm flying back home and am hopeful for the rest of the year. It's my belief that what has went wrong already did and everything else will be smooth sailing. I'm sticking to that belief because there's a lot in store for 2023! Here's some tidbits that'll be released in the coming weeks:
- Why Arcane Transcends Traditional Animation 
- The Last of Us Season 1 First Impressions
- Cabinet of Curiosities The Murmuring Review 
- Cabinet of Curiosities Season 1 Review and Episodes Ranked
- Legends of Runeterra Review 

As you can see, there's a good bit in store to kick off 2023 and end January on a good note. I hope your 2023 started off in the best way possible and here's hoping the good vibes flow through the rest of the year!


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