Another episode watched so time for another review, this time around in the Cabinet of Curiosities is episode 3, The Autopsy. Directed by David Prior, this episode follows an abnormal murder investigation. Considering the somewhat simplistic premise, why did The Autopsy leave me wanting more? Let's dig in!

    At the start of the episode, a seasoned sheriff investigates a murder in which the body is eviscerated in a unique way. Due to this being a unique murder, he calls in an old friend to perform multiple medical examinations to get to the bottom of it. While the premise sounds fairly straight forward, it goes much deeper than that, so I won't spoil some of the surprise here. What I will say though, is it's a chilling story with great atmosphere and cinematography throughout. 

    Acting wise, you get F. Murray Abraham as the medical examiner and Glynn Turman as the sheriff. Both put on a solid performance in this episode and the supporting cast does as well. The actors do well with the writing they were presented with, but The Autopsy especially would have benefited from a bit longer runtime. It has an interesting premise and solid acting, but some of the intrigue and backstory needed a bit longer to breath. As such, the pacing felt a bit quick and I was left wanting more. 

    That said, considering my review of episode 1 which can be read here and my review of episode 2 which can be read here, episode 3 is a step up from both. The Autopsy so far is the only episode that rises to the potential of Cabinet of Curiosities. While it isn't the best horror I've ever watched, it's certainly above average and definitely worth checking out. Let's hope The Autopsy isn't the exception and is the rule in the coming episodes, stay tuned for those reviews!

Rating: 8.2/10


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