Cabinet of Curiosites, Guillermo del Toro's new collection of horror stories on Netflix, doesn't give the best first impression with episode 1. Directed by Guillermo Navarro, Lot 36 follows the tale of a very racist veteran that buys a large storage unit. Previously owned by an old man, caught on camera being bizarre and hopping away from it, the unit is full of miscellaneous antique items. What the veteran doesn't know is that within those items is something more than he bargained for.

    The acting throughout this episode isn't bad, it's actually pretty decent considering the script at times is quite clumsy. You'd almost believe that Tim Blake Nelson who plays the veteran is actually racist, as he's quite good at acting like one, even telling an older lady to speak English because she's in M'erica! Supporting cast also falls into the ok category as well, all of which could likely benefit from a better, more imaginative script. 

    Speaking of imagination, one of the difficulties with this episode is making it to the point that anything actually happens, it's that slow. Pretty much 90% of it is build and once the climax happens, it's a whimper. For being a horror show you'd think episode 1 would put that on full display, but you won't get that with Lot 36. Skip this episode, it's not worth your time.

Rating: 6.5/10


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