Enlisted is a free-to-play tactical FPS developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment. Set during World War II, it's gameplay borders realistic and arcade. Featuring infantry and vehicular warfare, many would instantly compare this to bigger titles in the genre, such as Battlefield, Hell Let Loose or even Rising Storm so what sets it apart?

    One of the first things you'll notice when you open Enlisted is that it's very squad focused. Each squad has numerous members, each of which contains their own loadouts and perks. Every player gets to choose numerous squads to fill their army, all with different sub types. Due to the amount of squads you have per faction, the amount of squads you can unlock, each of their individual soldiers loadouts and their rankings there's an incredible amount of progression mechanisms within Enlisted. 

    On top of this, Enlisted has 6 campaigns, each with numerous maps and modes. You'll do everything from control points, capture points, to even perform a tug of war the latter is my least favorite mode. Once you're on the ground, you'll see that Enlisted isn't the most gorgeous you've ever seen. While it's a newer game, it sports an older coat of paint. That said, the older coat of paint is adequate and due to it, the game performs quite well, so even lower end rigs should be able to produce an enjoyable experience.

    As for the gunplay, it's slow and methodical like a Rising Storm or Hell Let Loose, but with a tad more forgiving bullet trajectory. If I were to guess, the bullet trajectory is hit-scan based because when you click on a target no matter the distance, they're hit immediately. The sound and gameplay effects sell the experience really well, explosions are massive, gunfire feels beefy, and vehicles sound terrifying. However, while the sound and effects do well to sell the experience, they aren't on the level of Hell Let Loose, which can sometimes traumatize you. What may traumatize you though is getting picked off across the map, as Enlisted has a very fast time to kill. Meaning, it will only take a few bullets to take you out, causing you to either swap to another unit in your current squad or spawn in with a new one.

    One of the more unique aspects of Enlisted is that squad, but it's a mixed bag. When you spawn in, your whole squad comes with you as AI. You can give your squad basic commands, such as to defend or attack a target, but for the most part they follow you around and attempt to protect you. Unfortunately, they're not the brightest, so often times they're just there to pad other players kill statistics and provide you the ability to swiftly hop back into battle when you die, assuming one of them is alive as well. If not, back to the spawn menu you go where you select a new squad to enter the battlefield. I'd love to see the AI tweaked to be a bit more intelligent, but I do also understand there could be performance limitations considering the amount of AI on screen at any given time.

    Overall, Enlisted is a great first person shooter and the best part is it's free. Having AI present in each match gives you quite a bit more satisfaction than you'd achieve from other shooters, simply because you're getting more kills far more quickly. It's not abnormal to get 60+ kills in a round or 130+ like I did last night. It just takes average skill and a lot of bullets. Monetization wise it's ok too, while all of the progression systems can be sped up significantly with money, you don't need them to succeed on the battlefield it will just provide more options. I've not spent a dime on this game and don't feel disadvantaged at all. If you're looking for a fun free to play first person shooter that's a bit unique, I 100% recommend Enlisted.

Rating: 8.2/10


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