A Plague Tale: Requiem is a stealth action game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Entertainment. Being released on 10/18/2022 as a day 1 gamepass title, it had a lot to live up to as the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence. Being one of my favorite games in recent memory, Innocence told a harrowing tale filled with numerous emotional moments in a world brought to its knees. After playing Requiem for an hour and a half, I can confirm that at least so far, it is a direct improvement over Innocence.

    Presentation wise, A Plague Tale: Requiem is the most gorgeous game I’ve ever played. Just in the first hour and a half, you’re greeted with a variety of areas, each with a distinctive look. As someone who doesn’t normally mess with photo mode in any game, I’ve found myself wanting to take photos in Requiem because of how jaw dropping each area is. This game, despite being in a different engine, gives us the first glimpse of future Unreal Engine 5 titles, as the density of detail is that spectacular. While I can rave about the graphics for quite a while, music, sound effects, and voice work are also stellar so far. The main menu track is especially a banger.

    While looking at a purdy game is certainly fun, we play video games for gameplay and story as well, right? Well, both have been solid in the first bit I’ve played. Continuing off from the first game, you’re greeted by a more mature Amicia and Hugo, who are searching for a Macula cure and a place to settle down. Unfortunately, within the opening hour, Amicia is greeted by the dark reality in which she lives, requiring the use of her sling and agility. Except for the tutorial, the first hour is quite action packed as it gets you up to speed on the controls and actions you can take. After which, you arrive at a vast city full of mystery. Hoping for peace, Amicia and Hugo eat food from stalls and play fair games, with a creeping worry shrouding their being.

    The opening hour and a half of A Plague Tale: Requiem has brought a smile to my face. Asobo has made a fantastic first impression and if Requiem maintains this quality throughout it’s runtime, it may just be my Game of the Year. I absolutely cannot wait to play more!




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