Delving into the Cabinet of Curiosities again brings us to episode 5, Pickman's Model. Directed by Keith Thomas, this episode follows Will, an art student who meets a more introverted artist who gives off a somewhat creepy vibe. Does this vibe well for the episode? Let's dive in!

    The two main stars of this episode are Ben Barnes who plays Will and Crispin Glover who plays Richard Pickman. Both of them do a solid job executing the decent script of Pickman's Model. Regarding the writing, this is one of those episodes that certainly needed a bit more breathing room and as a result, felt quite sped up. Cinematography and audio was also solid, nothing special but at least executed well. 

    Story wise, despite feeling sped up, it was at least entertaining. The idea behind the episode is that Pickman's paintings cause a disturbing effect on folks. That effect is what drives most of the story, how characters react to it and the family divisions it sows. As mentioned, it was entertaining, but needed a lot more to make it a truly great piece of work. Where The Autopsy needed more time to become even better, Pickman's Model needed more time to let the paint dry on its hour long canvas. Instead, the paint dripped and it's flaws became quite obvious. 

    Overall, it was a fun watch, but needed more in some areas to really hit the standard that The Autopsy and The Outside achieved. If you're curious about those two episodes, you can find The Autopsy review by clicking here and The Outside review by clicking here. As for Pickman's Model, I'd recommend watching it only if you have nothing better to watch, as it's an entertaining episode but just doesn't do anything exceedingly well.


Rating: 7/10




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